Welcome to the Therigy Knowledge Network

The Therigy Knowledge Network is Therigy's learning portal that integrates all solution training, tools, and resources into a single, community-driven interactive experience. Through the alignment of learning material, support resources, and community practice, we are able to facilitate meaningful knowledge that directly impact our customers' success.


Discovery-based activities improve learning, acceptance, and adoption


Context-based feedback better enables you to latch onto every detail


Short 5-10 minute focused sessions to combat boredom and disengagement


Learn not just from training material, but also your peers and other users

Weekly TherigySTM User Trainings

Therigy is offering weekly virtual TherigySTM User Training from noon to 1:00 p.m. (Eastern), every Thursday. All levels of users are invited to register as we present on overall TherigySTM system functionality, and a new topic will be introduced each week.

What to Expect

Therigy subject matter experts (SMEs) will provide a 30-minute overview on a pre-determined topic, followed by 30-minutes for questions and answers. Because these are interactive sessions, they will not be recorded. We invite you to share and learn with other TherigySTM user attendees.