The community plays a vital role in the new social work space. Throughout the Therigy Knowledge Network, you will have the opportunity to learn about our products and services from Therigy subject matter experts, as well as a social community of your specialty pharmacy peers. From Advisory Boards to discussion boards, the opportunities to share your own knowledge in a collaborative and social environment are extensive.

Using your community as a resource for learning

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums serve as valuable electronic resources for individuals who cannot communicate face-to-face with others around the country. Often times communication between people is lost in the depths of vast emails or voicemails. Our discussion forums provide a centralized brainstorming area for ideas, information, resources, and feedback on critical specialty pharmacy decisions.


Recognizing that not everyone learns the same way and has different time pressures, commitments, and different access to learning, Therigy provides online, opt-in webinars on special topics to support and promote formal and informal learning.

Advisory Board Groups

Take an active role in enhancing the development of our products and services through our Advisory Board Groups. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the direction Therigy takes its products and services, join one of our Advisory Boards and take a more hands-on approach to help us reach our goal of delivering

Ask the Expert

From time to time, Therigy will invite experts to conduct live, online question and answer sessions. Experts include respected industry professionals from the specialty pharmacy field. Participants can ask questions and contribute to these lively and informative discussions. In addition, the sessions will be recorded for viewing online anytime in the Therigy Knowledge Network.

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